Fellows are always welcome at the many conferences and didactic sessions offered across the broad and diverse community at the University of Washington and Fred Hutch. However, the Core Curriculum Conference, Fellows Hematology Conference, and the Solid Tumor Conference are specifically conducted to enhance the education of our hematology-oncology fellows.

Core Curriculum Conference Series

The fellows Core Curriculum Conference Series is held year-round on Friday from 7-8am at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Attendance is required, and fellows are excused from clinical duties to attend. Faculty, representing a wide variety of hematology-oncology fields, provide the content and deliver the lectures. Michael Linenberger, MD, FACP and William Harris, MD oversee the planning of this core lecture series in accordance with ACGME requirements for core objectives.

These Core Curriculum Conference Series lectures are now videotaped and webcasted to other training sites. The video lecture and slide sets are available online for viewing afterward. Fellows are asked to evaluate in writing the content as well as the speaker to continually improve the content.

Fellows’ Hematology Conference

The Fellow’s Hematology Conference is held on the second and fourth Friday of the month right after the Core Curriculum Conference lecture. The goal of this conference is to help our fellows develop the skills needed to assimilate a body of information related to a hematology-related issue of their choice, synthesize this information, and effectively convey what they have learned to an interested audience. The conference is a case-based discussion lead by the fellows under the guidance of a faculty discussant. Once a topic is selected, Jill Johnsen, MD are available guide the
fellow in dissecting out the anticipated take home points and choosing a faculty discussant.

Solid Tumor Conference

The Solid Tumor Conference is a recent addition to our conference schedule. It is a fellow-initiated, fellow-delivered conference aimed at broadening the solid tumor experience in the fellowship. The program is chaired this year by Poorni Manohar and Ali Khaki. Hannah Linden serves as the faculty sponsor for this conference. It occurs every other Friday at noon and ranges from case-based discussions to research opportunities within the division.

The solid tumor conference, held the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month, provides a forum for discussing interesting and challenging solid-tumor oncology cases. The conference is a case-based discussion in which, a fellow each presents a patient they saw in clinic or in consultation. The fellow then leads a discussion surrounding the diagnostic or therapeutic challenges, in the context of the relevant data available to guide the care of the patient. A faculty discussant is also present to lend their expertise and practical experiences. In order to supplement these presentations, we also review relevant boards-style questions. Of note, during the summer months, the format is slightly different; faculty are invited to discuss their areas of research, and to present opportunities for fellow involvement.